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Time:2023-11-03 Return list
As autumn leaf falls down, our company’s very first "Technique Competition" is ready for every exciting participant. During the past years, we saw our company's business continue to grow, so it comes with higher expectation for our expanded sales team to achieve a new level in sales skills and being more professional with each product. In order to improve sales ability and to become more understand with each detail feature of our products, after carefully planned by our Digital Energy Department, we decided to hold our first "Technique Competition" in early September 2023.
The competition is divided into two stages. The winner of the preliminary stage will advanced into the final round, which held in Beijing, the headquarter office. In order to make this first-time competition successful, our senior management team formed a judging committee, which including general manager Mr. Sun Suhui, deputy general manager Mrs. Gao Min, CFO Mr. Zhu Guofeng, and COO Mrs. Chen Hui. In the first stage, all participants were divided into sales team and technique team separately. Each contestant gave his own online presentation in front of the committee members and the whole department. The result was based on each participant’s original ideas that covered sales skills, marketing strategy, after-sales service, key product feature etc.. Finally, the winner of top three in sales group and the winner of first place in technique group, will go to the headquarters for the final round. 
Online presentation with judging committee and department staffs
Awarding the Winner of Sales Group

Awarding the Winner of Technique Team
Awarding to the Winner of Top Trader
A successful Contest 
On September 8, the winners of the first round of the two groups finally arrived in Beijing. After two rounds of presentation of fierce competition, based on the final score from the judging committee, Mr. Liu Jiahao, the contestant from Shaanxi office, won the sales group champion with his excellent customer-oriented presentation. Mr. Gao Zhiyong, sales engineer from Shanxi Office, won the champion of the technique group with his unique on-site problem solving solution. In additional, the committee awarded a golden medal to Mr. Li Zengwang, the chief officer of Shaanxi office, a special reward as “top sales” for his outstanding contribution in the hypothetical trading contest. 
This competition gave all our colleagues a whole-new platform to communicate with each other and show everyone his individual experience in photovoltaic field. While enhancing team cohesion and broadening the thinking of each contestant, it also laid a solid foundation for the coming sales season for better sales performance. Each member is looking forward to work harder for a brighter future and a better sales record in the coming season. 
Finally, our first Technique Competition is closed with success and satisfaction. 


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